If a piece is marked: 

"READY TO SHIP"- It means that the piece is finished and will ship out within 1 week

"UNFINISHED"- It means that either a chain needs to be added or a ring needs to be finished in the buyer's size. Will take 2-3 weeks to ship out

"MADE TO ORDER" - It means the piece has not been made yet and will ship out in 2-4 weeks

How can I buy your pieces?

I restock my website every few weeks in small batches. Every piece is one of a kind and there’s no guarantee it’ll be available forever. Make sure to turn on post notifications for me or sign up for my newsletter so you can be alerted to the time and date the restocks will be live! Check out my buying guide for easy checkout. 

Can you hold this piece for me? Can you do a private sale?

To make it fair and less messy for everyone involved, I don’t do private sales or hold any pieces before they’re put on sale. It’s first come first serve! 

Can you do a custom order? Wholesale?

I am not currently accepting commissions for custom pieces or wholesale orders. 

What is an “unfinished” or “ready to size” ring? 

When I put my rings up for sale, usually they are half finished. The band still needs to be soldered on based on the buyer’s ring size and then it has to be cleaned, buffed, tumbled, oxidized, and polished to a shine, before finally setting the stones. Once it’s finished, there can be no changes to it- including its size. This is why it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for your ring to be shipped out. 

Payment plans?

I am looking into Afterpay but not it’s guaranteed at the moment. At this time, payment must be made in full at the time of purchase.

Are your pieces sterling silver?

Yes, they are all sterling and fine silver. Occasionally I work with brass, bronze, and gold filled, which will be specified in the listings. 

Have you finished my piece/Has it shipped out yet?

Once your payment has gone through, your ring/piece will be finished and shipped out within 1-3 weeks unless I contact you directly about any issues/ delays. Please do not worry as I have not forgotten about you and I am not trying to scam you (why would I, honestly? I love making jewelry for you guys!!!). I have my own process to how I make/ finish/ship my pieces and I have multiple orders going pretty much at all times. I am also a real human bean and am not working 24/7. As always, I appreciate your patience and while there is a wait, it’ll be worth it in the end!